Venice, Italy

When we travel to Europe one of the countries that we need to visit is Italy. Where in Italy there are many interesting places to visit. We all may already be familiar with the sights of the city on the water, the famous Venice in Italy and this time we could not miss the chance. If you are wondering what are things to do in venice, you could visit placesyoullsee.

The city of Venice has a lot of antique buildings on the outskirts of the water, where there is a large church Basilica of Saint Mark which is Cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice, northern Italy. In front of the Basilica of the church, there are pages vast square, where every edge there are also many stores that sell as well as there are restaurants and cafes. The location here is very crowded. The interesting thing we can feed the birds perch and fly at this location, the number of birds very much, and we could touch and interact with them because the distance is so close and the birds are not afraid of human closeness.