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Jakarta governor election shakes the social media

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The governor election for Jakarta isn’t just shaking the Television news, but it shakes the social media as well. It has been started even before the campaign, and it lasts until now, even though the campaign period has been closed. Both of the governor candidates are using the social media just like Facebook or Instagram to keep in touch with their supporter. Checkout the www.arah.com/pilkada.html to get the latest info about them.

The competition between Ahok and Anies grows hotter because of the social media. Although the TV broadcast reaches the entire country, the social media is a two-way communication facility, which gives some room for the people to voice their own opinion. The arguments between both sides of supporters are clashing each time a news about the election emerges. Some people are sharing the positive news, while the other are preferring the hoaxes. Make sure you only follow a trustworthy source of news just like the arah website, so you won’t be tricked by the false news on the internet.