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The difference between LPG and LNG

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What is the difference between LPG and LNG? We recognise LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as fuel, both in industrial and household scale. Both are also the natural gas that will melt when cooled. Did you know, the main factor that distinguishes these two gas fuels is the heating value it has. If you are planning to install a gas line, you can contact gas fitters in Edmonton, as we will be happy to assist you. LPG is essentially one of the processed products of petroleum in the form of gas. In marketing, the product is first liquefied to compress the size and minimise the weight it has. While LNG is a pure natural gas. Marketing of this gas is also liquefied first to facilitate its distribution.

– LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

LPG or LPG is a processed product from petroleum that has a form of gas. The constituent material of this product comprises propane, propylene, and butane. Compared with other fuels, LPG has its own advantages that are easily packed and distributed at a more economical cost. Unfortunately, LPG quality standardisation is difficult to maintain, making LPG quality produced by a factory different from other factory-made LPG. The gas contained in LPG also has a heavier mass than air. As a result, the gas that comes out of the leaking LPG tube tends to be in a down position or close to the ground surface. This causes potential hazards arising from such gases such as poisoning and fires to become larger, especially if the occurrence is in the room.

– LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

In short, LNG is a natural gas that has a form of liquid. The temperature of an LNG to maintain the form usually ranges from -120 to – 170 degrees celsius. The main advantage of LNG is to have a high energy density level or almost the same as kerosene, making it more durable when used as fuel. LNG safety level is also better than LPG. This is because the mass of gas present in it is lighter than the air mass. In a case of leakage, the exit gas will immediately fly up and not collect above the ground. But the lack of LNG is a complicated storage procedure and costly. The cost will be higher if the related company will build its own LNG gas filling station.