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The best elephant conservation effort in Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most popular countries in Asia, and one of the factors that has made this country to become well-known is the elephants. Yes, this country has one of the biggest elephant conservation sites in the world, and you can visit the elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai to help them to protect the elephant. Their population keeps decreasing each year, due to the people who are hunting them for their tusks.

You can donate or become a volunteer of the conservation programs, in order to help us to fight the elephant hunt. You can also help the elephant by doing several simple actions. You may want to reduce the use of paper, due to papers are made of trees and the more people who are demanding the papers, the more trees that will be cut down in the forest. You can also avoid buying any decorations or souvenirs that made of elephant’s tusks, so you will help to reduce the black market’s demands of elephant’s tusks, thus, making the hunters have no reason to hunt the elephant in the future.